We offer up to twelve Graduate Assistantships in English to first- and second-year students on a competitive basis each year. If sufficient funds are available, it is the Department's intention to provide five years of support towards the Ph.D. to those students who first enter the program with a B.A. 2. Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships, & Staff Assistantships). Compensation includes a stipend and tuition remission. TAs are available to qualified graduate students in academic departments. They typically consist of a full tuition waiver, a stipend, and health insurance. /wk.) Funding opportunities at the School of Engineering & Applied Science are merit-based and extremely competitive. Graduate Assistants may hold one of the following titles: teaching assistant, teaching fellow, rese… English graduate students may also be eligible for a Library assistantship. Assistantship appointments provide financial support to a graduate student who engages in teaching, research, and/or service. Responsible Conduct of Research Access the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training website for information on state regulations, guidelines, and sponsor requirements. Students appointed a quarter time assistantship (10 hrs./wk.) A research assistantship (RA) is an appointment in which a graduate student is engaged in research under a faculty member’s supervision. Academic Student Employees (ASEs), which include the above mentioned positions, are covered by the UAW/UW Academic Student Employee union contract. Students may be appointed to a Graduate School assistantship for a full academic year (September through mid-May) or for a single The appointment carries remission of tuition and requires performances by the student of specified duties for fifteen hours each week, including preparation time, during the academic year. Students who accept assistantships at the University are required to register as full-time graduate students (a minimum of 10 credits). The union contract governs policies and procedures for appointments, salary, job definitions, and leave time. Please log in to MyResearch to begin your Responsible Conduct of Research training. One of the most common sources of funding is the graduate assistantship. Official graduate leave of absence is granted for students in active status who must be away from their studies for one or more semesters. The SA provides academic and administrative program support for units such as counseling and testing services, health and wellness services, and other student services offices. The NELC Department has both year-long and quarterly Teaching Assistantships available. Students should contact their department/program to inquire about TA opportunities. The PERMS Personnel Action Form Acronyms offers a list of waiver acronyms options and their associated names. Graduate Student Assistantships include Staff Assistants (SA), Teaching Assistants (TA), Research Assistants (RA), Predoctoral Instructors, and Predoctoral Lecturers. The Graduate School requires employing areas to provide offer letters for any graduate assistantship appointment. Graduate assistants appointed and eligible for health insurance during spring semester (January 1 – May 15) are automatically provided health insurance during the summer semester (May 16 – August 15). Although there are no strict criteria to qualify for funding, master's applicants generally meet the following criteria in order to be considered competitive: 1. Graduate Assistantships The College of Education offers a limited number of teaching and/or research assistantships to graduate students each year. Departments and programs generally make assistantship offers during the admissions process; however, current students may be eligible for an assistantship in their program if funding is available. If the student did not meet one or more of these requirements, the student will not be reappointed to the assistantship, unless he/she is granted an exception to policy based on extenuating circumstances. For Ph.D. students, this four-year offer covers the first four years of your doctoral program. Assistantship appointments provide financial support to a graduate student who engages in teaching, research, and/or service. Coverage must be requested according to the enrollment procedures outlined in the policy brochure. Departments using the hourly GRSA schedules should use the schedule for summer 2019 for the 6/16–6/30 pay period and then update the amount after July 1. Graduate assistant stipends range from step 1 to step 115 on the 2020 Assistantship Stipend Guide. //
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