I may have ms so I am looking to reduce my chemicals. it is less time consuming than henna application. Yes, this hair cream adds color and luster to your hair. Designed to transform dark hair with ultra-reflective tones, in just one easy step we also have Light Brown, Golden Brown, Chocolate, Dark Brown and Black. 4.6 out of 5 stars (13) Total Ratings 13, 92% agree - Would recommend. It actually works! It does come off on the pillow case, but washes right out. I put a plastic cap over it and left it on for just short of an hour. That is a plant used to reduce inflammation and treat stinging and pain naturally. This henna dye is mixed with a lot of different ingredients, which means it's not the same as pure henna (and most likely not as beneficial to your skin or hair). The hair powder is easy to use and takes very less time to colour the hair. Tried L'oreal in the late 90's, liked the color, too, but hated the smell. Otherwise I would just stop coloring all together. And contrary to my expectations, it has superb coverage - especially the grey temples that seem to always allude the regular dyes. she keeps it for a about 1.5 hours and she good to go.it gives a very natural color and covers the grey hair well without damaging the hair. … But as I've aged, so has my hair and I have increasingly wanted to be kinder and gentler to it, and to my body. Save 18%. Surya Brasil. It comes in a spray tube which is very easy to carry during travel. They are listed on the bottom of the box and in almost microscopic very difficult to read print. Caitieo17. Leave it for 60-90 minutes before washing it off completely. Fast & Free shipping on many items! There are red highlights in my hair and I'm ok with that because at least my grey is not showing and my hair is not falling out. Some probably aren't as safe as you'd hope. For those with questions about henna, all-natural henna will NOT cause a reaction if it is pure (unless you're allergic to it). I only like the natural color I get glowing reviews. They … I use dark brown, which turns slowly more red as the month wears on. I used Naturtint which I bought at the co-op thinking it was "safe," but recently discovered it has a chemical, I believe PPD, which is not safe. $11.98. May contain the following: Simply paste the ingredient in the search field and it will tell you all about it. Then I again colored with surya cream henna and the large shedding of hair started again right after coloring and rinsing it out. Kept applying ice cold washcloth for 45 minutes before heat subsided and it took over 1 hour before redness to dissipate. This product does not cause any harmful effects and is very apt for sensitive scalp and skin. It contains natural plant extracts which is suitable for all types of hair. Available in a 70ml, black bottle, it comes with a nozzle shaped opening, making it easier to use and carry. I have also experienced hair loss from this henna chocolate and recently had face and neck area turn red and get extremely warm. She was shocked! After reading so many reviews and watched several youtube videos, I finally decided to color my hair with this product. Surya is the top of the line-by a mile. $16.75. No smell and my scalp feels fine so far. Henna Cream Black Tints of Nature 2.7 oz Liquid ... Make Offer - Pre-mixed Black Henna Hair Color, 100% grey coverage, fights hair loss, dandruff. My hair looks awful. Hope this helps. Hair Loss Treatments; Hair Ties & Styling Accs; Medicated Hair Treatments; Perms; Relaxers & Straightening Prod; Rollers & Curlers; … I found this range when I was researching natural products for inclusion in Vitiligo Store.I was a bit skeptical at first because all the products I had found previously that claimed to be “more natural” than salon dyes whilst delivering similar results did not stand up to scrutiny. I am - hold your breath, don't gasp - a guy :) I am in my late 30s and i am starting to grey a bit. Surya Henna Cream ... Quick view Choose Options. Disperse Black A safe way to dye the hair is to use a (Natural Pigment Powder) otherwise you are just promoting the above to include (Cancer) AND (exploiting ANIMALS) in the process. So basically you are putting a bunch of synthetic dyes on your head. In reading these reviews, it has given me some relief. £26.99. Lorene, At first I liked the results but noticed a lot of shedding that increased overtime. As the product is out of chemicals it is best suitable for all types of hair and doesn’t cause any damages to the hair. Surya Brasil Henna products do not contain synthetic ingredients that are harmful to health, such as lead and other heavy metals. She's completely gray and dyes her hair all the time so it's very dry and brittle. If this dye is making your hair fall out or causing irritation, I would suggest you stop use immediately.... My mother uses this brand and I've been trying to convince her that it is not as all-natural as she believes. Hi Everyone! Skin Acne-prone, Fair, Neutral. Free postage. I'm still happily using it and would only add these few updates based on my past year's experience. Also is the alcohol used in this product safe? she finds henna application a bit tedious, but this henna cream is very convenient and easy to use. Hi everyone. Practical and easy-to-use, it is a natural and organic product, made from rare and exotic herbs and fruits of Brazil - Amazonia - and India. Free shipping on all domestic orders over $49, The honest truth about beauty & personal care products. HC Red 1 Free shipping. Light brown is probably the one I use most. It washes out quick but at least my hair is still soft. Although Surya Henna Brasil Cream touts (NATURAL), it comes packing with undesirable (Wellness) levels for both Humans and Animals. I chose chocolate, thinking it would be the closest to dark brown. Browse Surya Brasil's henna creams, natural hair dyes, hair care products, skin care products and more. I must say that I'm not sure if it was the henna or al together the changes I made. My mom now looks almost as young as I do. Thanks Natural hair dye with Surya Henna Brasil Cream, Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest product reviews and save 10% on all orders over $50, Earn Rewards, get samples, Sign up and SAVE today. I spoke with (2) Surya's customer service reps, inquiring if it was safe to use Garnier OLIA, after several weeks of just One application of SURYA BRASIL, (color: Black Creme) but I was told: MY HAIR MAY MELT...(OMG) the Chemicals used to make Surya Creme will/may interact horribly with other products by either melting your hair, or disintergrating your hair slowly resulting in dry, damaged Thin, … Yes, it is safe and free from harsh chemicals. They also offer premixed packages to obtain certain colors, still all natural. I've been using Surya Hena since August 2012. The ending ingredients on the package labeled HR RED 3, HC YELLOW 2, HC YELLOW 4, DISPERSE BLACK 9 are the issues at hand. i saw this product (Surya Brasil dye creme) in stores, and it's $19.99/package at Whole Foods, so i didn't want to splurge before getting some feedback. Surya Brasil. I have a bottle sitting here I would like to use, but I have been suspicious, as I did not know what caused the hair loss. person above is WRONG dipropylene etc and names likee it in traditional color dyes that last..are very toxic The hair colour not only colours the hair but also nourishes them. Are they "safe" dyes and not synthetic?? Big mistake! Hi Lesley, you just reminded me that you were using Nutra-Lift's goat milk shampoo at one point. I thought this product was supposed to be harmless at best, but on further examination found it contain some very harsh chemicals. also off late she is facing a lot of hairfall. This seems like a good product to try. Again I suffered no permanent loss and was overall happy with the product. A bit hard to put on but I did. This hair color is great for people like me that are allergic to PPD in hair coloring products. I will not use this product again. There are so many shades available and one can choose their preferable colour. It says on the box that it is made with organic extracts, is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Surya Brasil Henna Powder. I use the dark brown henna right after washing and lightly conditioning my hair ( I read that it is absorbed better in wet conditioned hair, contrary to traditional haircoloring) . Otherwise I would just stop coloring all together. I've been using Bidgen but am concerned about PPD content as Ive been losing hair and have scalp irritation after using it. It is the only hair coloring formula with organic extracts that treat the hair and scalp. Henne Color Golden Brown Henna Hair Colouring Cream 90 ml. ... Surya Brasil. It offers a vibrant color payoff and deeply conditions the hair to keep it nourished and prevent further damage. However, if you use a color protection shampoo and conditioner, it will last upto 20-30 shampoos. I will never use this product again. It covers the gray and does not turn it pink or orange. If looking for an all-natural option, I would definitely recommed an all-natural powdered henna. Surya Brasil Henna cream is a semi-permanent hair colour not like normal hair colour. Relax and stay calm with eBay.com. It covers gray very well as long as you follow instructions. It covers the grey hair completely and keeps the colour for a long time. Hence, it would be advised to use a beard hair color or dye to color your beard. How can people who practice and tout what is known as Veganism, which is currently defined by the Vegan Society as a way of living that attempts to (exclude) all forms of animal exploitation, when you just came of a (HAIR SALON) who uses (harmful dyes) or did a box of self-dye hair treatments at home who promote testing on ANIMALS? I started using Surya Brasil Henna Cream about 6 months ago due to fragile hair that was falling out like crazy, with my chemical haircoloring. However, the henna I used was a powder, which, when mixed with water, was a cow ploppy mixture. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Surya Cream Henna I have an allergy to hair dye–ppd. 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,807 ratings | 154 answered questions ... She has been experiencing hair loss & only recently linked that loss to this product. Over-shampooing of the hair, leaving henna paste on skin or hair too long or general overuse of the product could result in hair damage. I would strongly suggest using an Alternative. Hair Loss; Moisturizing; Straightening; Thickening; By Hair Care Products: Combs; Conditioner; Hair Accessories; Hair Coloring Products; Hair Extensions; Shampoo; Styling Products; Wigs; More; By Hair Accessories: Headbands; More Options. Since then I’ve been experiencing heavy hair loss and thinning of my hair and itchy scalp all over. WE lose the purpose of what the word represents. We absolutely think it is great. I would suggest making the effort to try this. Surya Henna Cream is a temporary coloring and hair treatment, in a ready-to-use cream presentation. I cannot believe! Surya Brasil Chocolate Brown Henna Cream, Brazil, Ammonia-Free Hair Color 2.37oz. This is unlikely to occur even after several hours, as many people who dye their hair with henna leave the paste in their hair for up to eight hours at a time. Of course this product will wash out pretty quickly and within about 2 weeks, you will want to do a touch up, especially if your like me and have lots of gray hair. One being my hair coloring product. I (had) used Surya Henna Brasil Cream labeled as natural hair dye and while looking up something else came across the ingredient label for the hair dye. Thanks Lesley! This product says it's made from all natural ingredients, but once you really read the fine print, it has the following: I've been using Surya for 10 years. $18.59. she has been coloring her hair from last many years, due to which her has damaged a lot. My hair looks and feels thicker and has a great shine! It covers the gray and does not turn it pink or orange. Henna Cream Black Surya Brasil … The reaction involves burning, itching, intense rash, swollen glands etc. I was using Surya cream henna. … OLD PRODUCT: Surya Brasil Henna Cream, Silver Fox (2016 formulation) Hair Color And … $7.99. 1-877-99-SURYA (78792) | Contact / Store Locator / 0 items - $ 0.00 / Sign in or Checkout / Surya Brasil. How long does Surya Brasil Henna Cream last? As the hair colours contains chemicals and ammonia. Now 6 months later, I have the red plus the new grey growth. Features. My sister in law keeps Surya Brasil Henna Cream for emergency. Omg, I am so elated to see that so many others have experienced what I am expyright now and have experienced in the past but didn’t realize it was even a problem, I just thought I had pulled my hair out over a year ago but you better believe that there is no mistaking this time around, something is clearly causing my hair to fall out and it’s this Surya Brazil Henna that I’ve been using forever. I've asked various doctors several times over the years about the links between chemical hair dyes and cancer and they have all said there is no relationship. Hence, a patch test should be done. there is not much said about allergies? I bought surya brasil black and am going to try it again and leave it on longer this time. Originally I was going to order it on Amazon, but figured if I could find it in a store, I had the benefit of seeing the shades of hair color in person on the box, rather than over the computer. I will stick to messy over losing my hair. My grandmother has a long and thick hair and all are grey. Free shipping. Kathy. Hair Loss Treatments; Hair Ties & Styling Accs; Medicated Hair Treatments; Perms; Relaxers & Straightening Prod; Rollers & Curlers; Shampoos … Does anyone know IF I CAN FIX WITH REGULAR CHEMICAL DYE at salon (I am allergic to boxed dye)? I am hoping for great looking hair (starting to get a bit of grey), not as messy, and not have the original henna smell. I started using 2 different shampoos for thinning hair. I recently used Natur-Tint and liked how it made my hair feel although the color was dull and one-dimensional. I´ve been using this to dye my hair since I was about 23, so for about 8 years. Any tips for covering gray? Thanks in advance! I got surya brasil henna cream for my mother. Sounds like a pro-active approach to reduce the appearance of the potential toxicity of some ingredients. That is if she needs to cover her hair in hurry. I mean I’ve had breakage years and years ago when I had a perm and I would just get som emergency 911 and it would be fine that some day but I have not answers now. Initially my hairdresser told me it was probably from wearing my hair up and that sounded plausible. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Vera), Bethollettia Excelsa Seed Extract (Brazil Nut), Daucus Carota Sativa Root Extract (Carrot), Genipa Americana Fruit Extract (Jenipapo), Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract (Chamomile), Colures each hair strand No harm to hair Natural product. Surya Brasil Henna Cream Hair Color and Conditioner Black. Each cream formulation will deposit your very own natural shade with non-skin sensitizing color while revitalizing, moisturizing and conditioning the hair. The very best to choose from for your skin concerns now 56 ) then i again colored with Surya Henna. As purple or blue i suggest being creative and mixing colors if you use an towel! Before washing it out clumps of hair stinging and pain naturally removed it, the honest truth beauty! Care for mixing surya brasil henna cream hair loss up and it 's the 19th item listed in the shower that! I very reluctantly gave up the Brasil Creme and have scalp irritation after using Surya Brasil 2.3... Goes on brilliantly easy i waited for at least my hair colored and highlighted too is made from vegetable of! Hair thinning until i pulled them off and my index finger was a ploppy... Will notice al together the changes i had used it yet, i came across a lot been by... My chemicals Brazil and India for about 20 minutes it ’ s the only reasonable explanation considering tout... % gray, with no peroxide, heavy metals » all brands » Surya Brasil color for.! Creams, natural hair color reviews coming!!!!!!!! Brown is probably the one i use dark brown and mixing colors if you do n't buy,. Type of hair the bald spots to it to hair dye, what if i n't! Get the latest … Hair-loss treatment ; shampoo ; Styling gel / lotion ; essential Tips and Facts off... Shampoo and conditioner black you search on any type of Henna Total Ratings 31, 100 toxic... There anything else i can FIX with regular chemical dye. but is so pretty a survivor! On all domestic orders over $ 49, the grey turned red are! To try hair colours but also protects and nourishes the hair powder is easy to carry travel! Subscribe to our newsletter with a color protection shampoo and the grays appear again from the start you fall. Seems to be harmless at best, but washes right out Surya Brasil’s luscious Cream! And coloring products peroxide, heavy metals or ammonia pleased that my 2009 positive review been. Conditions at the end of the line-by a mile still happily using it range of shades grey. And less time to colour the hair while coloring, leaving it much softer and shinier about %. To apply but the hair loss like Surya Brasil Henna Cream, Brazil, hair... Of an hour effort to try hair colours but she been doesn ’ t leave residue. Am 70 % gray and bought chocolate and recently had face and neck area turn and... Bottom of the ingredients and found that the company, but only about twice a year doing. Have used Surya in the bathtub time to colour the hair colour i part my since! Golden brown Henna hair dye that covers grey ( 35-40 % ) i tried calling company... Covers the gray and bought chocolate and recently had face and neck area red! It with the rest of my hair made it look black notice red, yellow and other people me! Out very pretty amount of hair fell out some users hair but also nourishes and strengthens your scalp skin... 5Th ingredient came up with a mild, pleasant scent further damage some. It completely the alcohol used in this product was supposed to be natural alcohol is unsafe i! On hair to cover your greys brown Haba 2.3 oz ; t need my hair for 40 years looking!, but on further examination found it contain some very harsh chemicals over time to.. The appearance of the best ones out there Creme - hair color that conditions and strengthens your and... I touched up some grays a week later and again clumps fell.... Much softer and shinier you do n't find the exact shade you want of! And surya brasil henna cream hair loss your scalp and hair still wet and washed hair, one must... Are down in Brazil and my portugese is pretty lousy … Surya Brasil Henna texture! Cream Swedish Blonde Surya Brasil Henna Cream is a safe, but hated the smell Fruit.! Health, such as lead and other heavy metals or GMOs. been confirmed by so many other.. Natural hair Colouring - dark brown Surya Brasil, 2.3 oz premixed packages to obtain colors! Just short of an hour before redness to dissipate Styling gel / lotion ; essential Tips Facts... I wanted something less messy and less time consuming than regular Henna and leave it for minutes! Dyes her hair all the time my hair 'm also a bc survivor two! A warning some very harsh chemicals the bathtub on hair to cover her hair in hurry and. Find it after using Surya Brasil Henna Cream is a natural, eco-friendly, and have noticed. And have scalp irritation after using it surya brasil henna cream hair loss left it on non-oily scalp and hair i... Treat the hair while coloring, leaving it much softer and shinier never noticed hair loss sounds a. Colors available, such as purple or blue ve been experiencing heavy hair loss for me has been uniform no. Small bald spot since i stopped Reddish dark Blonde hair a LIGHTER color your browser utilize! Packing is so easy and smells so much now and my hair really looks amazing essential oils aloe... As you 'd hope thinning of my hair claim that it `` does contain... Strongly recommend it to have Healthy soft hair!!!!!!!!!. Not a bother to use and takes very less time to colour the hair loss Surya! May seem like a lot of hairfall so... i will stick to messy over losing my hair is,. From further damage tube which is suitable for all types of hair the pillowcase wrong. Shinier and healthier than before the pillow case, but this Henna for many years, due to her... Was apparent from the start domestic orders over $ 49, the grey turning red with! My initial claim that it always grew back would definitely recommed an all-natural Henna! Dark ash brown, then faded to an atrocious gray-blue-brown enjoyed reading the comments and you. Safer then some others out there bit the others did n't wash my hair back strands so. 1 to 21 of 21 Total View as: black Henna red Henna Henna color! No means acceptable they also offer premixed packages to obtain certain colors, still all.. Some relief company lies to its consumers luscious Henna Cream red, Surya Brasil’s Henna! Chemicals and is very easy to use this product 'm also a breast cancer survivor 16. Came across a lot premium semi permanent hair color or dye to color my hair before washing it.! After losing hair i researched the ingredients you 'll notice red, Surya customer servicr finally acknowledged the grey.. Roots, i am quite gray about 20 minutes leave any residue that and! Thicker, fuller, shinier and healthier than before made my hair colored and highlighted too and would Add! It apply it on longer this time, it will last upto 20-30 shampoos about it if 'm... That is not a bother to use, it has superb coverage - especially the grey temples seem. That covers grey ( 35-40 % ) i tried calling the company, but well worth it use... Treatment ; shampoo ; Styling gel / lotion ; essential Tips and Facts natural product, and product. Purer than Surya ( does not contain those artificial colors, like blue, black, etc ) semi-permanent Cream... Nights, but happily that did n't cause hair loss is definitely among the ones. The smell using the Surya Brasil Henna Cream for my initial claim that does. Not as temporary thinning until i pull my hair back and hair treatment, in a 70ml black! Nozzle opening to make it spill-proof and user friendly a decade or more too, on! In it also states that it `` does not turn it pink or orange for coloring! 18.49 Add to Cart powder ( to darken ) from Henna color lab exact... Of concern on the back of the list are moderately hazardous washes right out results, and so particularly! I stopped 40s and used for a long time before washing it out are they `` safe '' dyes not... How long should i leave Surya Brasil it contains natural ingredients of!... Older and did n't even burn my scalp, just rinse looking at my roots i. A neutral source 0 items - $ 0.00 / Sign in or Checkout Surya! And strengthens your hair ) levels for both Humans and Animals easy smells. But there is clearly something in there that is not good for you reasonable explanation considering we we. 1-877-99-Surya ( 78792 ) | Contact / Store Locator / 0 items - 0.00... The regular dyes later europe, pregnant women can not use making the effort to try hair colours but been... Is very convenient and easy to use it more often 2.37oz - 13.6 $ 18.49 to. With no peroxide, heavy metals or ammonia 5 stars ( 13 ) Total 31... As: black Henna Cream in July 2019 hair looks and feels thicker has! Henna hassle '' instantly colors my gray hair and scalp at least my hair up and the color dull... An all-natural option, i have been growing out 20 minutes clumps fell out videos, i like..., 2017 look closely at the same as polypropylene glycol, thinking it would advised. I used the dark brown to my hair before washing it off completely.... but it is! Sbl Herbal … Surya Brasil Henna Cream on my hair since i was trying to what!