The ability of your deck to support the hot tub will be based on the capacity of the hot tub ( weight factor of tub filled with water and patrons ) combined with the structure of the deck itself. This is the amount of weight needed to sink the boat and is equal to the boat's volume. Deck weights should be listed on the part number when you look at decking options. The load capacities are mainly determined by the area of the section modulus. The 223 DC is designed for leisure with its 10-person seating capacity. For pressure-preservative-treated southern pine no. And probabaly many injuries! Total Weight: It is the total weight of your boat with all the crew, passengers, fuel, engine, accessories and fittings. Calculating the load on a flat roof is a challenging task for the layperson that involves knowledge of building materials, their weights and local building codes. The P-3615, P-3606, P-2436 and P-2404 deck profiles are Find a Deck Builder Where to Buy Order Samples. Each member, that is a part of that deck has a load capacity. The total slab depth is 5-1/4" with Light weight concrete. 1) NauticStar 223 DC Sport Deck. This may seem like a high price however for a boat of this calibre, that’s a great price for such a well manufactured vessel. Lower Deck ULD Reference Refer to above Main Deck (Green color) Refer to above Main Deck (Blue color) Refer to above Main Deck (Red color) Refer to above Main Deck (Light Green color) ... Max fuel capacity (kg) 181,280: Average fuel burn (tons/h) 13: Minimum runway (m) 2,970 . Deck Load Design & Calculations - Part 1. Part 2. To calculate the load, you should use 40lbs per square foot for live loads (these are variable loads that are dynamic such as the weight of people and furniture) and 15 lbs per square foot for dead loads (this is the weight of the materials used for the construction of the deck) for a total load weight … The best way to decide is by focusing on the considerations I highlighted earlier not to forget a wider deck, a heavy-duty construction, and a high-torque motor like the one found in the renowned 500 lb weight capacity elliptical. We have moved into a house with an existing hardwood deck. If you are planning on building a raised deck, as shown in Figure 1, it is important to determine the quantity, positioning and size of the deck support columns that will support the load of the deck, the dead load, and the load which is created by the things that will go on the deck, including you and your guests which is the live load. The 212SC deck boat has a fuel capacity of 57 gallons and an average dry weight of 3,100 pounds. A common tub size for 6 people with 420 gallons will weight about 3507 lbs for the water, 1000 lbs for the tub and 2000 lbs for the six big people. For example, a 6x6 post has an area of 5 1/2"x 5 1/2" which equals 30 1/4" You can pick up one of these deck boats for around $40,000 . Specifications. The P-3615, P-3606, P-3623 and P-2432 deck profiles are available with embossments to act in composite action with a concrete slab. Find specifications for the Hurricane SunDeck 187 OB. Here are ten examples to give you an indication of how much deck boats weigh on average. On the other end, a 2x6 can support a V8 engine of between 600 – 700 lbs. When the Sunesta 210 is "heavy," or loaded to its maximum capacity, only 31 inches of … S/T is the abbreviated version of short ton. The total is over 6500 lbs. ( 2,600 LBS) then with only 2 adults, that's another about 350 LBS, so now the total weight on the deck is ( 2,950 LBS! 2 grade, there is a method that can be used for estimating beam spans for a preliminary design. If not fully dry, treated wood can contain up to 4.5 gallons of water, adding as much as 17.4 pounds to the weight of the 12-foot board. Based on the species of wood and the 30 1/4, the load capacity can be found for a 6x6. On the final test, the deck should support 2 times its capacity (5,000 pounds) for … Joist capacity is only one part of sizing and detailing a deck. Understanding deck and soil load capacity How Much Weight Are We Talking About? A very cut & dried solution: look at the weight per part. Trex® from the inside out. After comparing with some catalogs, it has been identified as Vulcraft 2VLI19 or similar. But it wouldn't be hard to reinforce the deck to support the weight of a reasonable sized pool as there is lots of room underneath, but I doubt he wants to … And maybe even worse! In order to show the carrying capacity at each successive foot or inch that, with increasing load, the ship is further submerged, a so-called displacement curve and scale is prepared. To do the calculations, we would need to see the actual deck and supports to determine exactly what is there. Steel deck weight, W=50 tons. A 12-foot length of treated, yellow pine 5/4-by-6 decking will weigh an average of 13.87 pounds (within a range of 10.65 to 17.08 pounds). It is a corrugated mental deck with concrete slab. The existing roof construction is bar joists @ 4'-0" o.c. Maximum Freight Hauling Dimensions: o Main Deck Dimensions: 37' Long x 8' 5" Wide (102") x 10' High (120") The ratio of this capacity to the weight of the ship itself differs according to the hull construction. The calculation of 2,700 ÷ 1,250 comes out at 2.2. Now that is exceeding the decks weight capacity of around 1,400 LBS! Freight Weight 48,000 lbs; Length of 48 feet; Width 8.5 feet (102″) Height 8.5 feet (102″) STEP DECK TRAILER. The United States Coast Guard (USCG), American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), Canada, and ISO all rate capacity for boats under 26 feet based on displacement weight. I have a renovation project which needs to evaluate the existing composite deck with new mechanical units hanging underneath the deck. That is on the heavy side. Even when weighted down with passengers and every conceivable item they might carry on a boat, the 210 still manages a respectable maximum weight capacity of 3,176 pounds of passengers and cargo. Weight carrying capacity of deck. If more adults were to enter onto the deck, you would see the end results as a huge disaster! +/-, bulb-tee purlins @ 32 5/8" o.c., 1/2" gypsum board, 2" poured gypsum, 2" insulation & BUR. The following barge weight capacity charts will help you assess your needs and allow us to service you better in sourcing the barges you need. Bottom line: the more a deck weighs, the better its capacity should be. It can be a little more or a little less, but if some or all of your passengers weigh over one hundred fifty pounds, you may have to decrease the number of … Specs include beam, dry weight, fuel capacity, max horsepower, overall length, passenger capacity, total weight capacity and wet weight. The standard guide in the U.S., the ASCE 7-05, lists weights and stresses for all building materials expressed in pounds per square foot. This unit of weight is equal to 2,000 pounds (907.18474 kg). Length of the CoG from the middle of the ship, LCG=8.4 m. Distance between the CoG of the deck and the vessel center line in transverse direction, TCG=0.0 m. Vertical distance from the deck CoG to the barge keel, VCG=5.0 m. Barge draft=3.65 m. Area of the deck in longitudinal direction=10.0 m 2 If the weight of a boat is less than the fluid it displaces, it will float. DECK BARGES INLAND RIVER CONSTRUCTION. Step Deck Trailer Most standard Step Deck trailers can haul freight with the legal maximum weight and dimensions. Boat manufacturers typically use an average weight of about one hundred and fifty pounds per person to calculate maximum capacity. However, depending on how the capacity of the deck is defined on a quote could mean the difference in a well-placed solution and a failure. Find specifications for the Hurricane FunDeck 226 OB. Calculate Deck Load Capacity To ensure you have a structurally sound deck, some calculations need to be made. Trex pioneered the wood-alternative decking industry nearly 20 years ago and we continue to innovate best-in-class products for high-performance, low-maintenance outdoor living. The deck support columns, transferred from the beam, will have to carry the balance of the load; 4,800 (total load of deck) – 2,100 (load carried by ledger) = 2,700 pounds. On the second test, after being loaded at 1.5 times its rated capacity (3,750 pounds), the deck, when unloaded, should not have a remaining or residual deflection of more than 0.030 inches. Naturally durable deck boards should be rated as moderately durable (durability class 3) at least for above ground use and durable (durability class 2) for ground contact use. We also determined that the maximum load we want to carry on any one deck support column is 1,250 pounds. With a potential increase by up to 100%, Don-Bur's Double Decks can provide operators with a 52 UK pallet carrying capacity, which is an additional 26 UK Pallets over a standard Single Deck Trailer. Specs include beam, dry weight, fuel capacity, max horsepower, overall length, passenger capacity, total weight capacity and wet weight. Capacity: Max. But digging through these specs, many of which a provider might not publish, can be time consuming and frustrating. Exact Weight Of 10 Popular Deck Boats. This can reduce the number of deliveries by 50%. We want to put some heavy planter boxes and half wine barrels on the deck - most likely around edges - and I would like to know how much weight per square metre the deck can safely carry. Maximum Step Deck Hauling capacity: 48,000 lbs. How much weight can a 2x6 hold on edge based on load type? Step Deck trailer, or Drop Deck trailer, is an open type of trailer with two deck levels: upper deck and lower deck that drops down after clearing the tractor unit. How can I work out the approximate load capacity of the deck to work out what sized pool is safe to fill there? The longer the joist, the more area of deck the joist supports, and thus the beam supports. The type of load in question will also determine how much weight a 2x6 can hold on edge.For example, a 2x4 lumber may hold a 4-cylinder engine comfortably but may not hold a bigger one. ... typically easier to install a number of concrete piers directly under the tub with beams of some sort to distribute the weight than to engineer a strong enough deck to hold the weights involved. And the number one discrepancy when reviewing a deck capacity is how the “uniformly distributed load” (UDL) is defined by the manufacturer.